Coding native mobile & web apps

We specialize in designing and developing native iOS and Android apps as well as websites and backend solutions for idividuals, startups and enterprise.

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iOS Apps

Creating custom iOS apps that take advantage of the latest Apple software and hardware. All our iOS apps are coded in the Swift programming language.

Android Apps

We use Java and the more modern Kotlin language to develop Android apps for our clients.

Websites and Web Apps

We design and build amazing custom websites, platforms and apps for the best possible user experience.

Backend Solutions

CRMs/Admin Panels, CMSs and other custom back-end solutions power-up your product and help your company to strive.

Android and iOS Apps

We develop all kinds of custom features and services based on yor specific needs. Some of the common features are:

User authentication
Social integrations
Push notifications
Maps and Geofencing
Bluetooth and NFC
Chat and messaging
Custom animations
Media streaming
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Websites and Web Apps

Responsive design
React web development
UX/UI design
Blogs and news
Hosting management
E-commerce development
Custom websites